Our affiliates are conducting innovative research in health, inequalities, and population research. Each quarter, we’ll spotlight one of our affiliates to provide a more in-depth look at what they are doing.

Affiliate Spotlight

Stephanie Child, Ph.D.

Stephanie Child, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley


What is the most exciting new development that has happened in your research since graduating from UofSC?

Definitely receiving funding for a NIH K99/R00 (Pathway to Independence) award that provides two years of training in a new research area and then three additional years of funding for research and salary once I secure a tenure-track position. As part of my K99 training, I am gaining experience working with physicians and psychologists on understanding the biological pathways linking social networks with cardiovascular endpoints, including via stress, inflammation, and allostatic load.

How did your experience as a CHIP graduate affiliate prepare you for what you are doing now?

CHIP was in its infancy when I was at UofSC, but even then, it was this amazing group of scholars from multiple disciplines who gathered together to have critical discussions on issues that I was passionate about. CHIP introduced me to researchers from other disciplines who were interested in similar questions as me, but who often approached those research questions differently. This experience ultimately helped me when I transitioned to working primarily with sociologists and demographers at UC Berkeley as part of my post-doctoral fellowship.

If you could give advice to a current CHIP graduate student about preparing for life after graduate school, what would it be?

Network and maintain relationships with CHIP faculty and affiliates. These folks will be crucial not only in introducing you to their networks, but in helping you along your career path well after you graduate. I still email many members of CHIP (we are now on a first-name basis) and ask for guidance. These people can help open many doors for you in the future and are also some of the very best people to grab dinner with when you attend the same annual conference.


Dr. Child graduated from the University of South Carolina’s Department of Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior in 2016. 

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